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Okmulgee Climatological Survey



Average Annual: 61 degrees
Average Maximum: 73 degrees
Average Minimum: 49 degrees
Highest: 114 degrees
(Okmulgee, July 19, 1936)
Lowest: -18 degrees
(Okmulgee, January 22, 1930)
Days of 90 Degrees or Higher: 73
Days of 20 Degrees or Lower: 21


Average Annual: 43.29 inches
Days With Precipitation: 79
Wettest Year: 61.46 inches in 1973
Driest Year: 21.44 inches in 1963
Greatest Daily Rainfall: 9.11 inches
(Beggs, October 14, 1985)


Average Annual Snowfall: 6.8 inches
Days with snow on ground:  5
Greatest Seasonal Snowfall: 23.0 inches (1987-1988)
Greatest Daily Snowfall: 13.0 inches (Beggs, January 6, 1988)
Last Freeze in Spring: April 1
First Freeze in Autumn: November 1
Growing Season: 211 Days


Average Wind Speed: 7 mph Sunshine: 55- 80%
Average Humidity: 72%
Thunderstorm Days: 52
Hail Events: 4 per year
Tornadoes (1950-2003): 35