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Okmulgee Area Utilities

Providers of utilities are listed below.  For additional information about utility rates and providers for your project, please contact OADC.

Water and Sewer

The City of Okmulgee is the provider of water and sewer inside and outside the city limits into some rural areas. 


     Okmulgee Lake: 668 Acres
     Dripping Springs Lake: 1150 Acres
Elevated storage capacity: 2.5 Million Gallons
Maximum system capacity: 10 MGD
Average daily use: 4.5 MGD
Highest recent use: 6.2MGD, Summer 1996
Surplus capacity for industrial use: 5 MGD
Detailed water analysis availableRate for high volume users per 1,000 gal: $3.10
Cost per 10,000 gal: $43.50
Cost per 20,000 gal:$74.50
Cost per 60,000 gal: $203.50


Biotower/activated sludge type system
Operating at 20% capacity
Capacity: 10 MGD
Present load: 2 MGD
Available: 8 MGD
Cost for high volume users per 1,000 gal: $2.50
Cost per 10,000 gal: $45.95
Cost per 20,000 gal: $76.00
Cost per 60,000 gal: $210.50

Natural Gas

Natural gas is provided to the Okmulgee Area by Oklahoma Natural Gas Company.  For rates and service contact: 1-(800)-664-5463


Electricity is provided two power companies:
AEP/Public Service of Oklahoma.  For rates and service contact: (918)-586-0420 or 1-(888)-216-3523
East Central Electric (Rural Electric Co-Op).  For rates and service contact:  (918)-756-0833


Bixby Telecommunications Company
Muscogee International, LLC
A T & T