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Industry in the Okmulgee Area

From producing specialty hydrocolloids like xantham gum  to manufacturing (winches) for offshore cranes, utility trucks, mobile cranes and oil field service rigs, Okmulgee area companies are producing high-quality products that compete in a global economy. 


Manufacturing in the Okmulgee Area is very diverse and employs a skilled experienced workforce.  With the excellent transportation infrastructure, companies with international reputations such as Paccar Braden - Okmulgee,   Campbell Specialty Company, General Clamp and Tong, Ardah Group and G&H Decoy distribute their goods all over the world from Okmulgee Oklahoma. 


Okmulgee is the health center for the Muscogee (Creek) nation of over 75,000 individuals, as well as a community health center for Okmulgee County.  Health care is big business in Okmulgee County, employing over 1,000 people.  Okmulgee's workforce development engine is providing up to 100 RNs and LPNs into the workforce annually, as well as other support personnel.  The medical workforce is well trained, with new doctors and specialties currently being recruited.  Build your health-related business here.

Aviation and Related Services

Join Covington Aircraft in locating in the Regional Airport Park with a 5,150 foot runway and other aviation facilities.  Covington has 40 years of success in Okmulgee, you can find an experienced workforce or  we can train your workforce in high-tech skills, and you too can thrive in aviation and related services. 


Oklahoma has a robust energy sector and ranks eighth in the U.S. in terms of total energy production.  Oklahoma has one of the largest manufacturing clusters in the geothermal energy industry, is the 4th largest producer of natural gas and is predicted by 2030 to be the second-largest generator of wind energy.  Join Thompson Pump, Paccar Braden - Okmulgee, East Central Electric in growing this important sector of our nations economy. 

Food & Biotechnology 

Join Randy's Frozen Foods, Great Plains Coca Cola, and CP Kelco as they innovate and grow in Okmulgee.  Our transportation infrastructure is outstanding, our workers are highly skilled and our food and biotechnology industries are thriving.

Logistics/Transportation & Distribution

The Okmulgee Area is in the center of the United States and provides quick access to major highways that connect to metropolitan centers throughout the nation.  Also, Okmulgee has rail service, a regional airport, is 45 miles away from an international airport, and is less than an hour away from two inland ports.  The city's location is ideal for moving goods and services in any direction in the United States as well as to international locations.  Join Great Plains Coca Cola, CP Kelco, Paccar Braden - Okmulgee, and Polyvision as they supply high quality goods to companies through the United States and the world. 

Small Business and Entrepreneurs

Okmulgee has been the home of many successful entrepreneurs who have started small businesses and have grown them into thriving enterprises.  Join Neal's Furniture, Harlan Motor, James Hodge Chevrolet, Paccar Braden-Okmulgee, Covington Aircraft, The Dowry, Citizens-Security Bank, First National Bank, G & H Decoy, Campbell Specialty Company, all started by individuals, some of them three generations ago,  who decided to establish their idea in Okmulgee and have found success for their companies and our community.

Come, contact us, and take advantage of the openness, the options you will find, and the opportunities that are waiting for you in Okmulgee